Tribe is vibrant young adult community, following Jesus and bound together by the Holy Spirit. We gather together on Tuesday nights to create space to celebrate and experience both God and one another.

Our gatherings are marked by a time of worship, message, ministry and community. Our worship is passionate and selfless; we’re known for relentlessly loving God in worship. Our message equips you for a new way of being human that’s living, vibrant and intimate with God. Our ministry time serves you with prayer for any situation; we want to see God do the impossible in your life. Our community welcomes you as you are, the authentic you. Tribe Homes are where we share in the life of the Kingdom together.

We meet every Tuesday at 7pm with occasional events off-site. View the calendar for key dates.


summer 17


QUARTER four - Heaven on Earth

The Son of God came to save the world from it’s path of destruction. He came to set in motion a victory over what held humanity in bondage. Jesus set right what was all wrong, and in Him, God brought all things into healing through His Son. Jesus shared in our very humanity so that He might break the power of death that’s been holding us captive, and free us to flourish in God’s new world.

A world where love runs like a river without barriers. A world where the human body is untouched by sickness or disease. A world where every child knows they are loved. A world where every person lives in freedom bound by no addiction.

Heaven on earth.

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Tribe Retreat| Sept 8-10

The Scriptures tell us Jesus would often withdraw to pray. The withdrawing is special. It’s a different time with God. We know God can minister to us anywhere at anytime. However, the practice of withdrawing from our day to day life to intentionally be with God is essential. When we withdraw as a community we embark on a journey if being known by one another, being still with God and being changed.

This Retreat is focused around those 3 things. Be known. Be still. Be changed. We will have times of vulnerability and sharing of stories. We will have rope course activities that bound us in fun and interactive ways. We will spend time with God in worship and nature. We will leave this time of withdrawing changed.

Cost: $110 includes food and accomodation


Ways of the kingdom | GRace

During this week’s message Jason live counsels numerous people in our community. Asking the hard questions. Showing us that we can learn from the process others are going through and apply the questions he is asking to our own lives, leading us into a greater level of wholeness....

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