Do I have to go to the same Tribe Home everytime?

Yes and No. You do not have to attend the same home every time. We want you to find a home that you feel like you can fit into, and then stick with it.


Am I assigned to a Tribe Home?

No, you are not assigned to a Tribe Home. You may go to whichever one you choose.


When do Tribe Homes meet?

Tribe Homes meet the third Tuesday of every month from 7-9pm.


How do I connect with a Tribe Home Leader?

You can connect with a Tribe Home Leader on Tuesday Nights or we encourage you to show up at a Tribe Home and pursue them there!


What will we do at Tribe Homes?

Tribe Homes are very diverse. You can expect to meet in a home with 20-50 people, on fire for God, pursuing community and the presence. It may look like testimonies, teaching, prophetic ministry, prayer, worship, food, connection.


Can I bring friends?

Yes! Friends are welcome.


Do I have to sign up ahead of time or do I just show up?

You do not have to sign up. Just show up to your group on Tuesday night.


Who leads Tribe Homes?

Check out the Tribe Homes page for more info on the leaders running each Tribe Home.


If you would like to be connected to a Tribe Home Leader and are looking for further information, email youngadults@bethel.com