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Tribe is vibrant young adult community, following Jesus and bound together by the Holy Spirit. We gather together on Tuesday nights to create space to celebrate and experience both God and one another.

Our gatherings are marked by a time of worship, message, ministry and community. Our worship is passionate and selfless; we’re known for relentlessly loving God in worship. Our message equips you for a new way of being human that’s living, vibrant and intimate with God. Our ministry time serves you with prayer for any situation; we want to see God do the impossible in your life. Our community welcomes you as you are, the authentic you. Tribe Homes are where we share in the life of the Kingdom together.

We meet every Tuesday at 7pm with occasional events off-site. View the calendar for key dates.




Quarter one - People of the spirit

Christianity with all its practices, gatherings and followers will always be a shell of its true self without people experiencing the power of the Holy Spirit.  Jesus told His disciples it was to their advantage He leaves them. He said this knowing the Holy Spirit was being given to them. The Holy Spirit was going to empower His followers in extraordinary ways;   the Early Church were a people defined by the continuation of Jesus' ministry through the Holy Spirit.

People of the Spirit is our Quarter One theme at Tribe Young Adults. Our teaching will cover various dimensions of our relationship with the Holy Spirit. We live by the Spirit and without Him we can do nothing. We are people of the Spirit and over the next 3 months we will cover the gifts of the Spirit, intimacy with the Spirit,  and the power of the Spirit, to equip you with a theological and experiential foundation to walking in the Spirit.


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August 23, 2016

I don’t know about you but Jesus’ life challenges me. As I read the gospels I’ve become so aware of the brutal truth that His life is impossible for me to emulate on my own. He did some pretty crazy things that are just flat out impossible. Raise the dead? Yeah, I can’t do that on my best day. Heal the sick? Nope. I can’t do that either. I just know that healing headaches is as impossible for me as healing tumors, but I’ve come to learn, that’s the point.

Despite having confidence in my identity in Christ, I know God want’s my faith to be in His power over my best day....

Written by: Chris Cruz





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