People of The Spirit Week 1


With great anticipation we reached our first day of our new series: People of The Spirit. Before worship began Stephanie spoke full of conviction on having a fresh hunger for God even in the midst of our busy lives. To stop and engage with His Presence. Soon after worship began Jordan began to speak on how the Holy Spirit was moving with freedom in the room. This resulted in a very powerful time of ministry. This month we will be going after understanding and developing what it looks like to be a people who are in communion with the Holy Spirit. Chris spoke on when we encounter the Holy Spirit, there is a reprioritizing in our lives. There is a completion done inside of us by Him. That when we decide to open ourselves up to the Spirit He will erupt with a craving for more of Him. “Jesus is a drink that will make every other well go dry until you realize that He is the only thing you crave.” At the end of the night Chris walked us through a powerful encounter with the Holy Spirit.