Vision Day


We spoke of Jesus creating a new world. A world built by the hands of His beloved children. As we entered the room there was a resounding sense of belonging in the air. We began in worship. With a unity of heart there was a cry of worship, presented before the heart of God, that has always pursued humanity. Then Chris described that this new world is brought about by a new way of life. A way of living done through intentional community, by co-laboring with His Holy Spirit the architect. To see His world established. Where iron sharpens iron. One of the ways we will see this come about is in what Andrew described as Tribe Homes. A monthly gathering in a home where we as a community will gather in a smaller context to pursue the reality of His kingdom in our own lives. One of our leaders Nathan shared about a monthly outreach event. How the hands and feet of God look like something tangible. Through our overflow of His Spirit we will go out beyond the walls of the church to bring His love to our city. The night concluded in a time of communion. Taken with friends and strangers a like, and yet family. Posturing ourselves in thankfulness and praise we left feeling a deep gratitude to be apart of His dream for humanity.