People of The Spirit Week 7


Guest Speaker: Jenn Johnson

“What is your Yes and your No?” Jenn Johnson asks in her message. To be an unshakeable people of His Presence. Jenn speaks on following  Him. Because you know He is asking you too. And you will be ridiculed. Some of those experiences will become the monuments of your history with God you look back on. During this message she inspires us to have a continuous conversation with the Holy Spirit on what He wants for our life. If you can obtain a contentment in your relationship with God then anything that comes your way is frosting on the cake because you are content in God.


People of The Spirit Week 6


Intimacy with The Spirit

During this week’s message, Pastor Chris Cruz discusses the importance of holding onto the promises of God. He addresses the reality of holding onto a promise God has given you, and you see no evidence for it in the present. The tendencies we can have when contending for a promise of God to be actualized and how we can posture ourselves in the waiting.


People of The Spirit Week 5


Beautiful Jesus

During this message Pastor Chris Cruz discusses the subject of living a wholly surrendered life to Christ. Addressing how religion has tried to tell us what we ought to do, in an effort to be transformed. He begins to show us how the reality of God Spirit in our life transforms our minds through the  yieldedness we have with the Holy Spirit. That when we surrender to His Spirit we will have a fruitful life. Showing us that our new identities in Christ will have new behaviors. Not New behaviors create new identities.


People of The Spirit Week 4


Gifts of The Spirit

In this week's message, Pastor Chris speaks on the activation of the spiritual gifts. He discusses how man is unique to all of God’s creation. In the way that we are both natural and spiritual. Through a beautiful surrender to His Spirit we as the church are able to surpass our natural capacity. That we would be willingly available and passionately informed with the Spiritual Gifts.


People of The Spirit Week 3


“When the spirit of the lord comes upon people they are moved from the ordinary into the extraordinary.” In this message, Senior Pastor Bill Johnson speaks on one of the key messages in which we carry as a church family. That we would be a people wholly surrendered to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Living a life that is conscious of His Presence. Living in such a way that we are aware of His Spirit upon us and in us. “This is the ultimate journey, to give place to the Holy Spirit, whom I enjoy, who convicts me, inspires me and guides me.”



People of the Spirit Week 2


Worship began in a declaration of His goodness. As the chorus was roared across the room of God’s goodness; there was a charge, of what it really looked like to put our faith in the goodness of God.

After a time of worship, we had the amazing opportunity to have Hayley Braun, a pastor from the school of ministry come and preach a powerful message. Speaking on intimacy with God’s Spirit. “The Holy Spirit isn't far away He is right here, He is wants to be inside of you. So close that He moves with you.” The night was marked by the intimacy of the Holy Spirit and the purity in heart that His Children postured themselves in.


People of The Spirit Week 1


With great anticipation we reached our first day of our new series: People of The Spirit. Before worship began Stephanie spoke full of conviction on having a fresh hunger for God even in the midst of our busy lives. To stop and engage with His Presence. Soon after worship began Jordan began to speak on how the Holy Spirit was moving with freedom in the room. This resulted in a very powerful time of ministry. This month we will be going after understanding and developing what it looks like to be a people who are in communion with the Holy Spirit. Chris spoke on when we encounter the Holy Spirit, there is a reprioritizing in our lives. There is a completion done inside of us by Him. That when we decide to open ourselves up to the Spirit He will erupt with a craving for more of Him. “Jesus is a drink that will make every other well go dry until you realize that He is the only thing you crave.” At the end of the night Chris walked us through a powerful encounter with the Holy Spirit.