Ways of The Kingdom - Honor



This weeks message is part two in our quarterly theme: Ways of The Kingdom. We had a very special time hearing from Jazmyn Aaronson, Kalley and Andrew Heiligenthal on the topic of honor. “I think honor is one of the most beautiful things you can cultivate in your life and one of the main ways you can release the kingdom of heaven on the earth right now,” Andrew Heiligenthal. During this time they taught on how to Honor the Father, Yourself and your community as well as challenging the value you place of things which will manifest your true heart for honor. “The  true measure of what something is worth is what you are willing to spend on it,” Kalley Heiligenthal.



Ways of The Kingdom


This particular week is the beginning of our next quarterly theme: Ways of The Kingdom. Pastor Chris Cruz opens up this next quarter talking to us about an other worldly lifestyle for those who embrace the Way of The Kingdom. To list a few: Compassion over comparison, Peace over hate, Scripture over opinion, Purity over immorality, Care over mock, Genuine over sarcasm, Sacrifice over self preservation Community over isolation, Citizen of heaven over citizen of USA etc. A new way of living that we are reborn into, through our identity in Christ. Showing us that the ways of the kingdom always lead to life!