This team of licensed pastors has a heart to help people connect to the Godhead, break free of wounds, lies, and constraints blocking true intimacy, identity and connection with God and others.


Bethel Transformation Center

20 Lake Blvd, Redding, Ca 96003




A unique inner healing ministry aimed at getting to root issues/barriers to wholeness and freedom through your personal connection with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


A ministry to individuals who have continued to have inner healing ministry and yet cannot hold on to their healing. This ministry is not a first grab tool but is a tool to use toward the end of the inner healing process.



Discovering the wounds and lies that keep people trapped and disconnect from God and others.


Pastoral Counseling

Our team is trained to help individuals, family, and adolescents work through issues such as: Marriage and family problems, Grief, Anger management and conflict resolution, Trauma Resolution - Faith based trauma informed care to those needing healing from victim/abuse issues or unresolved trauma experience, Addiction - Our credentialed team is available to minister to the complex issues related to addiction and addictive behavior.



Man Alive

This is a place where men can learn intimacy and break free from sexual addictions. | 936 Twin View Blvd, Redding, CA 96003

Weekly on Mondays at 7pm


Defining the Relationship (DTR)

This is Bethel’s course for pre-marrieds and is a required course for engaged couples who desire to be married by a Bethel staff pastor. In this course, participants learn about healthy foundations for relationship and marriage. Class dates and times vary by season, and the email address above is the appropriate contact for any questions.



This 10 week class runs year-round and is led by Chuck and Deborah Enomoto. It’s designed to help people learn about boundaries and grow in personal emotional health. It’s a great resource for people who need to learn about good relational boundaries. Referrals can be made by Community Life leaders and others in the environment who identify needs in the people they’re leading, but the course is also open to the church body at large. To find out when the next session begins as well as location information, email the address above.


Nothing Hidden Ministries

Barry & Lori Byrne |


Love After Marriage (LAM) Workshop

A journey into deeper spiritual, emotional and sexual oneness for married couples.

Love After Marriage Book

Barry & Lori have written an incredible book titled Love After Marriage. Couples who purchased the book, read through it together and did the homework have received incredible breakthrough! You can find this book here.

Single Life Workshop

For singles to learn:

1. How to do become emotionally, physically and spiritually whole

2. How to have intimacy inside of relationships

NHM Tool Booklet

One product that contains all of the tools taught and modeled in LAM and Single Life can be found


Steve & Lorraine Box

The Boxes minister in the area of relationships in the context of marriage counseling, workshops and conferences.



Transforming Hearts Ministries

The Dillons are passionate about seeing individuals and couples set free to fulfill their God-given purpose and destiny. In this ministry, they deal with past hurts, strongholds and bondages,making freedom possible!

Leroy & Jeanne Dillon |



Professional Counseling and Health Services



Andy Flaherty

Andy is the main counselor for the Men’s Purity Group. He also offers life coaching and pastoral counseling for individuals outside of the purity group.

(530) 646-5690 |



Cheryl Wilder, MFT

(530) 221-2551


Local mental health

Zion Case Management Coalition Services

ZION seeks to address the issues associated with clients who have mental health sensitivities, that go to their faith based organizations FIRST for support, and are improperly served and referred. ZION will seek effective solutions by 




increasing communication, education and fostering collaboration amongst Faith Based Organizations,Government Agencies, Practitioners, and the recipients of resources. Additionally, creating a greater level of opportunity for experts to be the experts and those who seek to simply serve the community do that in an organized, solution based approach.

Amanda Peterson


Shasta County Mental Health

(530) 225-5200 | 2640 Breslaur Way, Redding, CA 96001


Restoring the Foundations

Restoring The Foundations is a very trusted, well known ministry geared toward restoring an individual emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.



Sexual Addiction:

Breaking Free - Russell Willingham

Celebration of Discipline - Richard Foster

Chasing the Dragon - Jackie Pullinger

Falling Forward - Craig Lockwood

Fearless - Eric Blehm

Get Naked - Mark Peterson

Man on a Horse - Mark Peterson

Moral Revolution - Kris Vallotton

The Supernatural Ways of Royalty - Kris Vallotton

Wild at Heart - John Eldredge



Against All Odds - Kris Vallotton (MP3/CD/M4V/DVD)

Brave Communication - Dann Farrelly (MP3/CD/DVD)

Declarations: Unlocking Your Future - Steve Backlund

Keep Your Love On - Danny Silk

Let’s Just Laugh At That - Steve Backlund

Relentless Mind Renewal - Steve Backlund (MP3/CD)

Victorious Mindsets - Steve Backlund (Book and MP3)



From Panic to Power - Lucinda Bassett

Spirit Wars - Kris Vallotton

Who Switched O My Brain - Dr. Caroline Leaf


The Gifts of Imperfection - Brené Brown

The Supernatural Ways of Royalty - Kris Vallotton


Foregiveness and Pain:

Experiencing Father's Embrace - Jack Frost

Spiritual Slavery to Spiritual Sonship - Jack Frost

The Supernatural Power of Forgiveness - Jason Vallotton

Working Through Pain - Jason Vallotton (MP3/CD)



James Dobson Resources -

KYLO Resources -

The 7 Principles for Making Marriage Work - John Gottman

Love and Respect - Dr. Emerson Eggerichs

Prude - Carrie Lloyd



Boundaries - Dr. Henry Cloud, Dr. John Townsend - boundariesbooks.



Emotional Health:

Rising Strong - Brené Brown

Daring Greatly - Brené Brown

Strengthen Yourself in The Lord - Bill Johnson

Switch on Your Brain - Dr. Caroline Leaf

21 Day Brain Detox - Dr. Caroline Leaf -

Wellbeing - Tom Rath, Jim Harter



Self-compassion: - Dr Kristen Neff


Relationships, Dating & Sexuality: - Dating & Relationship blog by Carrie Lloyd - Sexuality, Dating & Relationships


Sexual Addiction: - Comprehensive articles on addiction, real life stories of becoming free of addiction, the science behind the brain, the chemicals and the effects of porn.


Ted Talks:

The Great Porn Experiment by Gary Wilson -


The Power of Vulnerability by Brené Brown -



The psychology of your future self by Dan Gilbert -


Bible Studies: - Bible Studies by Havilah Cunnington and others


Bethel Media Talks:

The Goodness of Relationships by Abi Stumvoll

Destiny of Hope by Abi Stumvoll

The Nature of God by Abi Stumvoll

What God is Not by Abi Stumvoll

Healthy Relationships by Abi Stumvoll

The Power of Compassion by Abi Stumvoll

Together with Danny - Danny Silk series on marriage and relationships

Jason Vallotton Life Series on Emotional Prosperity


Emotional Health Podcasts - Life Topics

The Liberation Project with Blaire Reynolds and Justin Stumvoll

Liberating men (and women) into freedom and tackling the hard

topics that leave men finding themselves passive and uninspired.

(download in the itunes podcast app for free)